We want our customers to enjoy an ideal shipping experience. No doubt the shipping of a company matters a lot. If you cannot provide timely delivery to your customer then it is considered as very unprofessional work. Our experts especially focus on the shipping service and make sure that the customer could find their required material in good quality with perfection.



Location 1st Skid Additional Skids
Residential $100 $40
Dock to Dock (Commercial) $90 $25

Please Note:
– Due to weight restrictions we can only transport in a trip, 5 Skids 7X4 or 10 Skids 4X4.
– The above price list is for a radius of 60 km from point of pick up to point of drop off.

Delivery At Your Doorstep

To satisfy your needs provides numberless options of shipping. You will get your timely delivery at your doorstep. Our experienced experts will make sure to provide you with products very safely. You will be happy with the shipping services of If you have some specific shipping requirements then you can also contact and can tell your demands.
Our Experts Prefer Friendly Dealing With Customers For Effective Shipping.
You can contact us here:
Toll-Free: (905) 302-6683


You will get your delivery on time. You have no need to bother yourself because our experts keep a strict eye on every order and make sure to deliver at the right place at the right time. It is because we want our customers to be Satisfied.

Tools & Accessories

All essential tools and accessories that you require for the proper care of the floor are placed very effectively with good packing so that they may not get damaged.
Delivery Time: 2 to 4 working days
Cost: 9.99$ of free for orders over 100$

Floorings & Heavy Items

Floorings need to be delivered very carefully. Our experts make sure that they deliver perfect and absolute floorings material. You will see how perfectly they are packed not to get damaged.
Delivery Time: 3 to 5 working days
Cost: Approximately Starts From 80.00$ depending on the region
You can add an address in the shipping cart to know your specific delivery cost.


  • If the distance is 61-100 Km:

    – The 1st Skid is $1.75 per kilometre, and the additional skids are $40 per skid.

  • If the distance is 101-300 Km:

    – The first skid is $2.50 per kilometre, and the additional skids are $50 per skid.

  • In-house delivery (Hand-bomb):

    Hand-bomb delivery To Price per Box
    Main Floor $3.00
    Basement or First Floor $4.00
    Condo or 2nd floor of a house $5.00
  • Extra Stops for Pickups (two or more pickups to one drop-off destination):

    Items to pick-up Additional Cost for each stop/skid
    1-3 Flooring Boxes or
    1-3 Under pad or
    1-3 Baseboards (8-12 ft) / Transitions or
    1-5 Shoe mold
    (Free with the 1st Skid)
    4-44 Flooring Boxes or
    4-10 Under pad or
    4-20 Baseboards (8-12 ft) / Transitions or
    6-1 Shoe mold

    Please Note:
    – If the pickups are from two cities, it is considered two separate deliveries (full price).
    – If the quantities or numbers are more than the above, ask for a special quotation.
    – The standard delivery is to the front garage or front of the house, for any other location, there will be extra charges. The driveway should be clear and the garage should be accessible.
    – In extreme weather conditions, the roads in certain areas in Ontario might not be accessible, due to snow/Ice/closed roads, the deliveries to such area has to be postponed until those obstacles are removed.

Delivery Options

You will find many delivery options at We want our customers to feel relaxed while choosing for delivery so we offer multiple ways. You can select anyone that can suit you best.
. Customer Pick-up at Our Points
. White-Glove Inside delivery
. Outside Delivery in Your Driveway Entrance

Attributes Of Effective Delivery

We follow some attributes to make our shipping professional and to make our customers feel happy with their choice.

Order Confirmation

Our first and foremost attention is an order confirmation. Once you have confirmed your order through the shopping cart, we will send you an order confirmation email. After that, you will receive an email that will help you track your order’s status.

Parcel Delivery Tracking

Once your order is shipped you will get a tracking number with which you will be able to track your order’s current status.

Timely Delivery

Once your order is ready and shipped you will again receive an email containing the delivery date. If you want your order on specific date then you can also add it to the cart.
We always make sure that you can receive the order safely at your doorstep and think about an inappropriate parking space. We will never let you face any problem in this regard.

Verify Your Order

Our experts will always make sure that you gain all the delivery items safely on time. They will check the overall packing slip before leaving. You can contact our experts if you have any advice or see any missings. They will listen to you very carefully.
If you ever face any problem then immediately contact at
For any questions about transport and delivery of your order, you can contact us anytime at: