Just like other floors on our platform AQUA LUUUZ flooring company is also providing 100% pure waterproof floors. This flooring option is a great choice for those who have to compensate with a regular wet floor. This floor has many benefits such as the planks are designed as a way to keep moisture and water above the floor long enough so that it can be cleaned up before getting inside to the subfloor.

It is also very easy to clean this floor. As it is waterproof so you can clean this floor with a wet mop to clean it thoroughly. You can also use excess water if the floor is too dirty and then use a simple floor to make it immediately dry. You have no need to be worried about the water that will go inside to the subfloor and will damage it.

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Colors & Designs

Even if it is waterproof, it does not mean that you can have it only in one color. There are many colors available that can meet your requirements and will give your home the desired look. All the colors are charming enough and will give your home a very unique and versatile look. The designs of the tiles are also good. The experts of AQUA LUUUZ take care of the modern needs of the customers that are why they know what is in trend and what should be done for customers. They know how to make their customers be convenient so that they can make more purchases from them.

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Installation Of AQUA LUUUZ Flooring

The installation of AQUA LUUUZ flooring is also very easy. There is no need for nails, staples, and glue to install this floor. The planks are directly installed flush to the walls, right up against them. There is no need for an expansion gap because AQUA LUUUZ won’t expand or contract. Each plank of AQUA LUUUZ flooring also installs flush with the surrounding planks securely.

The bottom surface of the flooring creates a good amount of friction, almost gripping the subfloor underneath it. You can also install this floor in high traffic areas like the living room. It can easily bear high traffic and is also very stain-resistance. It will not damage easily. Because of its waterproof quality, you can also install this floor in the bathroom, laundry, and kitchen.


AQUA LUUUZ flooring is not only easy to install but is also durable. It means that you will enjoy a good durable floor at a low price. The thickness of the floor is also good and encourages the durability level to a great extent. The AQUA LUUUZ flooring is also designed with the same technology that is used to design vinyl and laminate products. Once you install this floor in your home you will enjoy many of its benefits such as good durability level, stylish flooring, and waterproof qualities. If you are thinking about the price according to the durability level. Then you even have no need to worry about this factor. Because every option of flooring of AQUA LUUUZ is affordable. You can have anyone according to your choice. The installation cost is also not too much so you can have this floor without the tension of price.

Service Of Flooring

The service of providing flooring is spectacular. Their experts always talk with you very softly and will give you proper attention to complete your projects. They consider both big and small projects the same. You will see hope they focus on both big or small projects equally and try their best to fulfill your desire. All you need to do is just communicate with them fully and try to explain what you actually want and then you will get your desired floor in your home. They work hard to complete your projects, even the project about home, office, or another residential area.

Here on our platform, you will find the AQUA LUUUZ floor very easily. We will provide you with all the benefits and quality of the AQUA LUUUZ floor. So that you can enjoy the advantages of a waterproof floor in the home. You can see all the colors and designs on our platform.