1867 Flooring

Today we are going to talk about a company that is providing the best floors and wall covers. They have a huge range of stylish collections such as Authentic, Concerto, Evolution, Factory New, Newtown, Pawia, Solution ¾, V_Loc, and Signature collections. These are very attractive by the look and will give your home a very luxurious texture.

The flooring collection of this company is beyond expectations. They have every type of floor that is trending in the flooring industry. You can have your required floor by talking to their skillful experts. They have a brilliant team of experts who are very professional in their field and work as family members to make their customers happy.

They pay equal attention to both small and big projects or residential and commercial projects. You will be satisfied with your choice and investment.

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Flooring Collection

While talking about floors we always think about the material. It should be very sustainable and eco-friendly that can make our house worth living. It should be very durable and stable for a very long time. Well, on our platform, you will find every type of floor of 1867 flooring. We offer every variety of their flooring collection.

They are providing 4 different types of floors that can suit your choice and requirements. Let’s talk about these four types of floors in detail below.
Engineered and Hardwood, these floors look very luxurious and provide full performance. Fewer maintenance requirements and good material can make you happy. This flooring collection has multiple choices of colors and designs. You can even install them in multiple shapes and can make your home look more attractive.

This floor can be installed in the office too because its hardness will never bear the heavy traffic very easily. It is also very stain and dent-resistant. It means this floor will not require heavy maintenance and can be stable for at least 35 years.

Laminate Flooring, this floor is almost everyone’s favorite floor. People like to have laminate floors in the home because of their beneficial qualities. It has good density and hardness. You can even install this floor in the home and office. It can also be installed in the high-traffic areas of the home.
If you ever feel damaged, you can call our experts to solve it very professionally or even read some authentic tips on our site. We have listed many tips that can help you so you can solve your flooring problems on your own.

Vinyl Flooring, this flooring collection can give your home the most attractive look. Vinyl flooring can also be installed in both home and office too. You can make your living very friendly with this potentially beneficial floor.
All these floorings are very affordable so you can select any one of your choices. You will find all these floors on our platform very easily. We specially listed them for our beloved customers.

Wall Coverings

Here you will also find wall coverings to give your home a luxurious and matching look with the floors. You will find four types of wall covering collections such as Nature, Vintage, Elevation, and Factory View.
You will find many types of wall coverings in many colors and designs. These are attractive and can make your investment proud for you. The most noticeable thing is that these wallcoverings are also made with sustainable material as they are very strict while choosing the material for their products. So you can rely on them and can choose anyone that can suit you and looks good according to the flooring.
A huge range of colors is available from dark to light to give an authentic style to your home.

Essential Products

1867 flooring is also providing many essential products and tools that can make flooring very reliable. You can grab these tools to make the installation very professional. Some other products like underlayments, thresholds, and glue can also be purchased. These are very effective to make your floorings very stable and also increases their durability.
You can contact us for any wall coverings and floors.

We help our customers to have the best floor in the home and our experts assist on how you can keep your floor secure and shiny for a very long time. Feel free while choosing any products from our products because we believe in “ Friendly communication”.